Assemble and repair turbines, compressors, motors, and generators in unique and changing environments.

Millwrights are responsible for installing and maintaining machinery which is used in multiple industries. This job requires carrying out heavy construction work, so the ability to perform physical labor, such as carrying heavy items and operating hand and power tools, is essential. Some jobs also involve working in confined areas, so some bending, squatting, and stooping may also be necessary.

Millwrights analyze and interpret layout plans, drawings, and blueprints in order to install equipment and ensure that it is properly aligned using manual and laser methods of alignment. They must always exercise a certain degree of caution to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the job. After particular jobs are complete, they must ensure that the area is left in the same clean state it was in prior to any work being done.

Earning potential for Minnesota:
$15.81 to $32.88 per hour
$36,730 to $87,338 annually



Bachelor's Degree




Organizational Skills

  • Architects often manage contracts. Therefore, they must keep records related to the details of a project, including total cost, materials used, and progress.

Analytical skills

Architects must understand the content of designs and the context in which they were created. For example, architects must understand the locations of mechanical systems and how those systems affect building operations.


Technical Skills

Architects need to use computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) technology to create plans as part of building information modeling (BIM).

Communication Skills

Architects share their ideas, both in
oral presentations and in writing, with clients, other architects, and workers who help prepare drawings. Many
also give presentations to explain
their ideas and designs.


Visualization Skills

Architects must be able to see how the parts of a structure relate to each other. They also must be able to visualize how the overall building will look once completed.



Architects design the overall look of houses, buildings, and other structures. Therefore, the final product should be attractive and functional.


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