The Construction Industry Faces COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainly have taken hold of the world, the construction industry has continued to work.

As an “essential” business, the trades are providing service to their clients and the community, but they have had to do so with additional safeguards and a lot of questions.

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is stepping up to help contractors, associates, and suppliers understand regulatory and legislative changes as well as the pandemic related changes through a series of webinars.
According to ABC National, the webinar series was developed as a response to the overwhelming number of questions about the legal, safety and economic impacts of Covid-19. It is a way for ABC to provide its members with access to industry experts who to provide insights and guidance on the important topics, from COVID-19 safety, the outlooks for the economy and the market, as well as how contract issues could be impacted by Coronavirus.

ABC is offering the webinar series to its members on topics such as: new paid family leave requirements, OSHA guidance on preparing and safety guidelines in the age of COVID-19, ABC National Resources for Employers, Unemployment Insurance Resources on COVID-19 for employers and employees, and ABC Health and Safety Committee Best Practices.