December 2020 President’s Perspective

Camaraderie One of the greatest often unrecognized benefits of working in the construction industry is camaraderie. Something very special happens when a crew of people works together to create a home, to erect a hotel or complete a hospital. Crews often find themselves working together on multiple projects and they bond. Not only are the … Read more

President’s Perspective for November 2020

Here at Project Build, we spend energy figuring out how to share the message of great careers in construction. Here are five key points to make in conversations with counselors, parents, students and community influencers that highlight the reason a young Minnesotan might want to consider our industry. The Housing Industry is Hiring Residential construction … Read more

President’s Perspective September 2020

Often, I find in the world of nonprofits, we don’t take time to celebrate our victories. There’s just too much to do and immediately upon achieving one goal, we move to the next. With that in mind, I want to stop this month and celebrate our first-ever Project Build Minnesota golf fundraiser. It was an … Read more

August 2020 President’s Perspective

  Over the past several months, we’ve completed a number of critical initiatives here at Project Build and we wanted to share those. First, we’ve developed two virtual presentations that instructors can use in their classrooms to share information about careers in the industry. Thus, in spite of COVID-19, we still have an opportunity to … Read more

President’s Perspective: Labor Lessons Learned from the Last Downturn

by Project Build Minnesota President David Siegel Following the crash of 2008-10, our industry essentially stopped all efforts to promote careers in construction and recruit the hard-working youth of Minnesota. What we have discovered in the 10 subsequent years is how much work it takes to rev up the engine and bring industry-wide marketing and … Read more