Steps You Can Take Today to Alleviate The Shortage

As most of us have experienced, the labor shortage is a challenge that we’re facing today, and will be facing for the near future. Here at Project Build Minnesota, we’re doing what we can to take us out of that shortage and lay the groundwork for a future generation of builders in Minnesota. However, that process will not happen overnight, and in the meantime you still have to fill your ranks to the best of your abilities. GroundBreak Carolinas has compiled a list of things that employers can be doing today to ease the burden we’re facing.

  1. Know Your Busy Season. Start your hiring process early to give you plenty of time to find qualified candidates or train new employees.
  2. Create Clear Job Listings. Make sure your job listings clearly state what qualifications and skills you’re looking for, as well as expected job duties.
  3. Make your company enticing. Millennials and Gen Z are interested in more than just pay, they want to be part of a workplace that respects and rewards them.
  4. Offer Apprenticeships. By bringing in new workers strait out of school, you can create a positive impact on your company and the community at large.
  5. Incentivize Employee Referral. Paying your employees for referrals is a great way to bring in new candidates that already have personal connections to your company.
  6. Use Technology. Post your jobs online, on places like Project Build Minnesota’s Job Board.

For the full breakdown of each step, check out the article here: