President’s Perspective for November 2020

Here at Project Build, we spend energy figuring out how to share the message of great careers in construction. Here are five key points to make in conversations with counselors, parents, students and community influencers that highlight the reason a young Minnesotan might want to consider our industry.

The Housing Industry is Hiring

Residential construction and remodeling have remained birth spots for the overall economy. While commercial construction may be taking a slight pause, the fundamentals still reflect a strong future need.  The average age of those in the construction field is such that many will be retiring in the near future and there remains a shortage of skilled labor.

Strong Earning Potential

The construction industry offers more than just another job, it is a pathway to earning a great salary. The average compensation for a construction worker in Minnesota is more than $62,000. Women in the construction industry earn 97 cents for every dollar a man earns, compared to 80 cents in other industries, and our industry welcomes women. Salary data is available on our website.

A Solid College Alternative

In 2018-19, the average amount borrowed by bachelor’s degree recipients who took out loans to pay for college was $28,800, according to the College Board’s Trends in Student Aid 2020 report. The skilled trades offer an alternative to the 4-year college track without the burden of sky-high student loan debt. You will  have a great job, a powerful career track, the “toys you want,” and no student debt, while your peers will be paying off loans and often starting in jobs that pay far less.

A Variety of Training Programs Available

You can find training programs throughout Minnesota on our Project Build website.

A Strong Sense of Accomplishment

Working in the trades brings a sense of satisfaction for completing high-quality work that contributes to our communities.

We just completed an exciting strategic planning effort at Project Build last month and we’ve narrowed our focus for 2021 to two major audiences: construction faculty throughout the state and school counselors. We’ll be bringing these five key points to them as we drive home the vision to make careers in construction the first choice for hard working people.