President’s May 2021 Perspective


Materials Issues and How They Affect Construction

The construction industry has many challenges that have been developing over that past decade. One being the labor shortage and the other is material shortages/ lead time issues. Both issues create a reciprocal problem. Labor shortage effect material factories as much as they effect the actual construction of the buildings. This has seemed to be amplified with the onset of the pandemic. It crucial to the construction industry to material supplier stay fully staffed and able to produce the items need for the heavy workload.
Labor management can be challenging for material suppliers because the material industry is not something that can be learned over night. It takes months of training and multiple different pieces of equipment to operate in factory efficiently. Factory technologies along with extensive training and very completive employment packages have started to ease some of the labor shortage issues. It remains critical to both construction and material manufacturing to find new labor willing to learn the ropes and dive in.