New Article Highlights Creative Solutions

A new article on Entrepreneur  goes into the socioeconomic factors that have lead to a decline in trade school enrollment, as well as creative solutions some organizations are taking. This all hands on deck mindset means that the problem is being attacked form multiple angles.

To save his profession, Sposari has begun thinking differently. Finding a licensed plumber had become a needle-in-a-­haystack problem. “So we opened it up to the entire haystack,” he says. He now hosts biweekly career nights to try to educate the local workforce on just how good plumbing can be and has implemented a 12-month paid training program so he can give new hires of any background $15 to $18 an hour to start. Once in a truck, he tells them, his plumbers make $60,000 to $80,000 yearly. With time and experience, some even make $200,000.

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