Landscaping is the art of making outdoor environments beautiful, thriving, and well-groomed. As a landscaper, you will use heavy equipment, power tools, and your hands to perform tasks like mowing, trimming, and installing. You should enjoy working with your hands. Landscaping is physical, outdoor labor.

Good landscaping is all about the details. You should have a good eye for attractive layouts. It’s also not all about plants–many landscaping jobs require plumbing, carpentry, and masonry knowledge. You may build arbors and fences, lay stone for outdoor patios, or install sprinkler systems and fountains.

Landscaping work varies by season, especially in climates like Denver, Colorado. You may be busiest in spring and summer–planting, trimming, sod-laying, and watering. In fall and winter, your work may include shoveling leaves and snow, protecting plants from cold weather, and maintaining outdoor structures and irrigation systems.

As a landscaper, you will have options to increase your income by running your own business. Many landscaping companies are small businesses, run by people who started out in the field. If you have the passion and skills, landscaping can be a life-long, lucrative career.

Earning potential for Minnesota:

$14.61 per hour
$30,400 annually

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