Is College For You?

College Kids Studying

Don’t go to college. Go to college. Getting started with any career can feel overwhelming. Whatever you do, you are free to choose a path that makes sense for you. Those attending four-year universities will have one path, with an end game of obtaining a degree, and eventually, a good paying job. However, contrary to what society tells many high school students, you’re not disadvantaged if you choose another path or are even unsure of your own path. You can still be successful. You can make good money starting now.

Say hello to the trades. A trade, as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, “is a skilled job, typically requiring manual skills and/or special training.” These types of careers generally include hands-on work, building and creating the world around us— from carpenters, painters, and electricians to construction project managers and even civil engineers. These types of skills lay the groundwork for hefty paychecks; your hard work means money in the bank. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, carpenters in Minnesota, on average, earn about $55,000 a year; a viable career path for anyone with a high school diploma/GED, with no higher education, required. No debt, no student loans, no degree— Project Build Minnesota will get you started on this path.

Explore via The Trades, Resources or Careers tabs. There, you will find something to inspire your growth in the trades. As the skilled labor shortage in the building trades continues to grow, those joining the trades will reap the benefits—from little to no school debt and growth in an industry where 95% of workers say they want to stay in construction. The construction industry represents one of the largest growing segments in the economy. Today, more than ever, the construction industry needs new minds and hands to help build the future.

Whether you are a current high school student, college student or someone already employed and looking for a new challenge, your future in the trades begins with Project Build. Supported by construction industry organizations, associations and companies, the goal of Project Build is to invest in the future of the construction industry…you! There are go-getters in many walks of life. Project Build wants to help the go-getters that are ready to start their future now.

Project Build is here to help you get you started and keep you going. Project Build is your guide to a successful career.

Jill Gerwig and Amy Paschke represent the membership, marketing and editorial departments of the Minnesota Builders Exchange