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“It’s going to take a powerful effort by the thousands of Minnesota construction businesses to create a movement that makes construction an industry of choice for Minnesota’s youth,” said David Siegel, Executive Director of BATC Housing First Minnesota and Treasurer of the Project Build Minnesota Board.

“This is no small task and it won’t be completed on just one year or two. It’s going to take a sustained effort over time and our challenge will be to maintain enthusiasm and momentum,” said Dennis Medo, Executive Director of Project Build Minnesota. Medo issued a call to action right now for the industry. Here are three simple steps he outlined from Project Build Minnesota that can help ignite this challenge.

Project Build is seeing increased brand awareness. The energy is rising as it speaks in high school classrooms, visits with key influencers at professional education conferences and attends career fairs. But it can only achieve its real potential if the industry steps up to assist.

“We need the entire industry to step forward and carry the message,” explained Siegel, who also chairs the organization’s Marketing Committee. “We call this a guerilla marketing campaign. The more engaged we can get members of the industry, the more successful we can be.”

Representatives of Project Build Minnesota are at the ready to appear before any trade partner meetings and industry events. “Wherever there is an opportunity to share the message and bring more members of our industry on board, we’re interested,” said Medo. Anyone wishing to donate to Project Build Minnesota, which relies entirely on contributions from the industry and its Associations, can contact Medo at Dennis@projectbuildmn.org or visit the website at www.projectbuildmn.org to make a contribution.