Give to the Max


The construction industry is still suffering from labor shortages. Have you ever wondered how you can help?

Give to the Max Day is a simple way you can help Project Build Minnesota (PBM) continue its outreach efforts to raise the awareness of construction trade professions and telling young people know how lucrative and fulfilling these professions are in today’s economy.

Did you know the average construction worker in Minnesota makes $63,000 per year? Not bad at all.

Even more importantly, how many of Minnesota’s students, counselors, parents, and teachers do you think know this? Far too few.

In the past year, PBM as started a Construction Trades Explorers Post, visited many classrooms to discuss the trades, and expanded trade educational resources for counselors and construction educators on its website. All these steps expand the knowledge and resources to students as they make their life decisions.

While Project Build Minnesota has had success reaching young adults, we could be even more impactful if we had resources to expand our reach. So much more work needs to be accomplished and you can help us get there.

Although only four years old, here’s what we’ve done so far: in-person/virtual student presentations to hundreds of students, online career videos for students to learn about the industry, career fairs, a robust website, social media campaigns, exhibiting at the Minnesota School Counselor Association and providing them construction career marketing materials. We’ve also launched Employer Connect, which links interested students with industry employers seeking labor. Website is traffic rising, brand awareness is growing, and we are poised for breakthrough success.

In 2022, Project Build Minnesota will continue focusing on the education sector. In 2021, we created a Scouting Explorers Post and recently hosted the first Minnesota Construction Teachers Conference as we continue to draw attention to the trades as a career choice.

By donating to Project Build Minnesota, you will be growing a new workforce and ensuring the future success of your business.