February 2021 President’s Perspective


Construction Technology and the students using it

As we in the construction industry head into the busy spring, we look to being proactive in the challenges of that lie ahead during the construction season.

One thing I feel that helps us with these issues is the use of technology on the jobsite. I feel that this issue – how widely it is used in everyday life in construction – has not been brought to the attention of younger students.

The days of construction being “low tech” are gone for good.

We use drones and cameras to document project progress in real time. We use application-based software on our phones and tablets to complete drawings revisions, submittals, and RFIs. We are using video meeting platforms regularly for issues and solutions communication. We even use wearable 3D tech to preview projects before they are completed. I also want to point out that technology is not just for management. I see trade apprentices and journeymen regularly carrying tablets to keep update on project changes and site information.

With this technology infusion, it has been interesting to see how quickly the new generations of construction workers have grasped a hold of it. It has helped tremendously to bridge the knowledge gap between the seasoned construction veteran and the new workforce. I have found in my conversations with students that the amount that this technology is used is undenounced to them. This creates a great opportunity for us at Project Build MN to introduce the modern-day jobsite to the students in hopes spark interest.