December 2020 President’s Perspective


One of the greatest often unrecognized benefits of working in the construction industry is camaraderie. Something very special happens when a crew of people works together to create a home, to erect a hotel or complete a hospital. Crews often find themselves working together on multiple projects and they bond. Not only are the crew members friends and colleagues, but the suppliers that give them the products they need to produce become members of the circle as well.

This camaraderie is unique in so many ways. How many times has someone in the industry been working on a project at their own home after hours and asked for help from some of their work buddies, only to have virtually the entire crew show up to get the work done. And how many times has someone with years of experience been willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of builders and suppliers? If a young man or woman is willing to learn, and curious, the older sages on the jobsite will teach them every tip they have. It’s not like that in every industry or every job.

On a more personal level, I’ve found that same joy of camaraderie from the members of the Board of Directors of Project Build Minnesota and its staff team. We’ve made tremendous progress and are well positioned as we approach the fifth magical year of Project Build.

We’ll be producing a five-year review that highlights many of our successes, but in the meantime let me just call out the development of our new strategic plan that is powerfully focused on reaching out to counselors, school faculty in the construction space and targeted markets via social advertising. I firmly believe that we’re positioned for great growth in 2021. When that year closes 12 months from now, I know we’ll be able to look back proudly and say these were our targets and we hit them.

Thank you to the Board and staff of this important organization. I’ll continue to be engaged and supportive because the cause is real. Far too many young people are not provided alternatives to the traditional path of a four-year degree, and our state and educational system does them a great disservice.

Let’s show them the power of camaraderie in our industry. Let’s welcome them into our construction family and reinforce how important their work is. Thank you for this opportunity to serve as President this past year. It’s been my honor to serve and let’s keep moving forward.