Changing times for PBM Outreach

There have been changes in our world as COVID-19 spread throughout the country. For the Project Build Minnesota (PBM) Outreach Committee, these changes included the end of its traditional outreach activities for the rest of the academic year, as well as summer community activities.

“But that does not mean we are done. Outreach is working with Best Prep to develop a new method to reach students and highlight different aspects of the construction industry,” said Tammy Sakry, PBM staff.

At the request of Best Prep, a non-profit organization providing educational programs to students in grades 4-12, the Outreach team will be interviewing industry members to highlight people in the trades and creating videos to present to students.

The current Project Build Minnesota PowerPoint presentation that has been used in the classrooms will also be retooled to feature a more diverse view of the construction industry.

“Ideally, each video will feature an interview with an industry professional, photos of them at work both at the beginning of their career as well as current photos, and perhaps video of them on the job site,” Sakry explained.

The first video will give students a glimpse of the roofing industry with Kurt Scepaniak, owner of Horizon Roofing Inc. The second interview is with Grant Hoglund, a general contractor who talks about transitioning from an unrelated industry to the trades profession.

Once completed, the videos will be incorporated into the classroom PowerPoint presentation as well as stand alone videos teachers can access.

To create an extensive library, the Outreach team is looking for people to interview. All the interviews are done using Zoom.

If you know of anyone who would be a great industry professional for students to hear from, please send your recommendations to