Burgess receives Housing First Minnesota, Housing First Minnesota Foundation scholarship

Housing First Minnesota and the Housing First Minnesota Foundation are honored to award $16,000 in scholarships to many deserving recipients to help further their education and career goals within the residential home building industry. These students are pursuing their way into our industry, and showing how bright and promising the future is for home construction. Housing First Minnesota is a sponsor of PBM.

This week, PBM features Willard Burgess, Alexandria Technical & Community College Residential Carpentry student.

Willard got hooked on construction when his family remodeled their home. As he started to consider a career, he knew he wanted to be outside, have a variety of work, and have the possibility to work for himself; in fact, he plans to own and manage his own business, including a cabinet shop. “I have no doubt that Willard will make a successful career in carpentry,” said one of his high school instructors.