Industry Turning To Veterans

More and more organizations are turning to veterans to fill openings as they recognize the skills and leadership they carry from their military service. Organizations are starting efforts to recruit more veterans and help provide a seamless transition to civilian life.  Many veterans pick up skills in the armed services that are transferable to commercial … Read more

Construction Job Openings Rise – Again

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that job openings in the construction industry were up year-over-year in September. There were 338,000 jobs openings in September 2019, compared to 299,000 in September 2018. While the labor shortage continues to have a negative impact for business owners and consumers, it does mean that there are … Read more

Trade School Access is a Bipartisan Issue

Legislators in Pennsylvania are setting a good example for the rest of the country with recent bipartisan efforts to ensure high school students are exposed to trade school as a viable option. Here’s just one example of bills that have passed with support on both sides of the aisle: …legislation passed by the House and … Read more

Minnesotans Don’t Need a 4 Year Degree

Catrin Wigfall, from Center of the American Experiment in Golden Valley, MN brings up some excellent points in her recent column. Right off the bat, she drops this bombshell:  Around 50 percent of Minnesota high school graduates start down a four-year college route, yet only 22 percent of jobs in the state require a baccalaureate … Read more

New Article Highlights Creative Solutions

A new article on Entrepreneur  goes into the socioeconomic factors that have lead to a decline in trade school enrollment, as well as creative solutions some organizations are taking. This all hands on deck mindset means that the problem is being attacked form multiple angles. To save his profession, Sposari has begun thinking differently. Finding … Read more

Teaching the Trades Can Help

A new program in Cleveland shows promise for bringing new blood in the construction trades, and could be a template for Minnesota. This article highlights Building Great Futures, a collaborative effort between Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland, Youth Opportunities Unlimited, and Cuyahoga County. This excerpt gives an overview … Read more

Labor Shortage Hitting Minnesota Harder

The Star Tribune reports that 92% of Minnesota employers polled reported difficulty filling their skilled labor positions. This compares to only 80% nationwide, highlighting the uphill battle we have. This excerpt highlights how we’ve arrived here: Minnesota’s construction industry grew 20% from 2014 to 2018, said Sean O’Neil, a workforce development coordinator with the Minnesota … Read more

Good News: Apprenticeships On The Rise

While the labor shortage is predicted to be a long-term issue for the construction industry, there are some positive signs. A new piece from Twin Cities Business Magazine discusses the 27% growth in apprenticeships in Minnesota between 2014 and 2017. Impressively, 96% of internship in the state are in the construction trades. Everyone benefits from these … Read more

Labor Shortage Continues to Impact Housing Market

New data from the NAHB shows that the labor shortage is continuing to impact new home prices by driving up costs. According to the builders surveyed, the biggest impacts on their business from the shortage were: Causing builders to pay higher wages/subcontractor bids (87%) Making it difficult to complete projects on time (81%) Making it … Read more