August 2020 President’s Perspective


Over the past several months, we’ve completed a number of critical initiatives here at Project Build and we wanted to share those.

First, we’ve developed two virtual presentations that instructors can use in their classrooms to share information about careers in the industry. Thus, in spite of COVID-19, we still have an opportunity to reach students in the classroom as school returns this fall.

Last school year, prior to COVID-19, we had completed 14 in-school presentations reaching more than 400 students. We look forward to a combination of in-school and virtual presentations as the new school year gets under way.

Second, we completed a rebuild of our website (and by the way, we got a wonderful compliment just last week from the folks at Red Wing Shoes. More on that shortly). If you haven’t yet reviewed the new site, please take a look at The website is the core of our effort to provide solid information to Minnesota’s youth, counselors, and parents as they consider career options.

Third, we have contracted with a marketing firm, Larry John Wright, to perform digital marketing for us targeted at high school juniors and seniors using Instagram as the primary platform. This vital effort is just getting started and we are confident it will boost website traffic. And we’re on a shoestring budget. As we grow the Project Build movement, and funding increases, we’ll be able to expand our marketing exponentially.

Speaking of generating funds, our upcoming golf event is proceeding nicely, and there’s still time to sponsor and sign up players. Every attendee helps to strengthen the event. All proceeds will go toward enhancing the marketing effort of our nonprofit and we need your help. Thanks in advance for your support.

David Siegel
Project Build Minnesota President
Executive Director, Housing First Minnesota