We are the designers, creators, and builders of the world, providing shelter and comfort for our communities and environment. We are the hands that craft and the diverse minds that create. We come together from various backgrounds as the skilled professionals of the industry that stand beside each other as a team, ensuring the job is done right. We believe in making a better future for ourselves and our state.

Build Your Future

The construction industry represents one of the largest growing segments of the Minnesota economy. You can get started today with a great paying job and build a career. Or perhaps you take a couple years and learn a skill in trade school. Whichever path you choose you’ll find your skills are in high demand and provide reliable career that will allow your to realize your dreams. 


Proud to be founders of Project Build Minnesota and raise awareness of the great careers that are available in the construction industry.

Construction Workers Average SALARY
IS $63,231 a Year IN MINNESOTA


We strive to provide tools and information for young adults interested in the construction industry.

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We will highlight individuals within the trades to show the jobs of real construction workers.

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Educational Materials

We encourage teachers, guidance counselors, and parents to use information from our website when discussing career options with young adults.

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Project Build aims to advise anyone looking to learn more about the construction industry.

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Project Build Minnesota

Take pride in your work. Improve your community. Explore career options.
Join the construction industry.

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