President’s Perspective September 2020

Often, I find in the world of nonprofits, we don’t take time to celebrate our victories. There’s just too much to do and immediately upon achieving one goal, we move to the next. With that in mind, I want to stop this month and celebrate our first-ever Project Build Minnesota golf fundraiser. It was an outstanding event that generated important resources for Project Build. And perhaps just as importantly, it uniquely brought together all sectors of Minnesota’s construction industry in a celebration of our career opportunities.

Think about it – we had commercial construction, residential construction, utility contractors, lumberyards and a whole host of suppliers to the entire industry gathered in support of the cause – to bring more of Minnesota’s hard-working youth into our industry. Thank you to the golf committee, the staff at Synergos, Willinger’s Golf Course, our sponsors, and players who made it an outstanding day. For a first-ever event in the midst of COVID-19, we can be darn proud. And guess what, it was such a tremendous success we’ve already got next year’s date booked. Let’s make this event bigger and better next year.

Another success to note is the interest Project Build Minnesota garnered from Red Wing Shoes for its first-ever #labordayon campaign. This was an important campaign on Labor Day that had dozens of national corporations shifting their social media properties to become job boards on that day. Spearheaded by Red Wing Shoes, the idea was quite simply to use the social media properties of major companies nationwide to connect those without a job with job openings – exactly what we do at Project Build Minnesota. We were proud to be included as one of the partners in the #labordayon effort and congratulate Red Wing Shoes for its creativity and social initiative.

And finally, we’re already looking toward 2021 and beyond as Project Build Minnesota. When we began this unique collaboration between so many of the state’s construction organizations and their respective sectors, we knew it would take a steady and long-term effort to make a difference. We’re about to enter year four of Project Build and it’s time to build out our next two-year strategic plan. That’s going to happen in just a month and I can’t wait to see what the creative and innovative minds in our leadership bring forward. If you have ideas to share with us, please contact me or anyone on our Board of Directors and thank you for your ongoing support.